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What NOT to do When You Get Engaged


1.Don’t Make Too Many Promises

You’ve just said the biggest ‘yes’ of your life so leave it at that for a while. In the initial stages of your engagement, don’t be so quick to say yes to ideas from your friends and family. Your mum might want you to re-wear her dress and your mother-in-law might be pushing you for a church wedding but try your best to make it clear that you need time to think about what you want for your big day. It’s always helpful to have a quick response in mind such as “We aren’t making any decisions yet, we’re just taking some time to think about what we want.” This allows you to make your position clear without hurting any feelings along the way.

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2. Don’t Get too Caught Up!

We totally understand how it can be easy to get caught up in your wedding planning process! It is no doubt such an exciting time and it will be on your mind a lot. However, it’s important that you don’t forget to cherish the spark in your relationship by engaging in activities and topics which are unrelated to the wedding. It’s key to take time out and to plan regular fun date nights where discussions about wedding plans are off limits, this should limit stress surrounding the topic and will keep it fun throughout.

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3. Don’t Add Pressure with Diets and Dress Sizes

Stop being so hard on yourself! We are all guilty of it but right now is such a blissful time in your life and it’s important that you love yourself! Give yourself a break and don’t force yourself into any crazy diets or exercise programs which will leave you stressed and even more unhappy. Stay focused on the end goal, which is to legally establish your amazing relationship with your other half!

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4. Don’t Immediately Invite People to Your Wedding

People will be wishing you well and asking about your wedding plans everywhere you go, and this might make you feel obliged to promise invitations to people without thinking too much about it. Although you might not think much of it these people will, and they will be expecting that invitation to come through their door. It’s best to leave these decisions until you are further along with your wedding plans as these decisions will be based on things like your venue and budget.

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5. Don’t Just Plan for The Wedding, Plan for The Marriage

Although you will be working extremely hard to plan your dream wedding, it is also important that you plan your long-term goals as a couple. Ask yourselves what your next steps are in the coming 5-10 years. Would you love to travel? Buy a new house? Are their kids on the horizon? It is key that you start thinking about these next big steps as well as the one you are currently planning for as they all go hand in hand for you as a couple.

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We wish you all the best with your wedding planning journey and don’t forget you can contact us today at any of our RAD venues to book your wedding showround with our dedicated wedding teams.